Claudia believes education is the key to ensure success in the prevention of dental diseases. She has been in the dental field for 14 years and has had experience with advanced cases of periodontal disease. Claudia likes to focus on building good communication with her patients in order to set goals that are attainable to each patient’s needs. Claudia is charismatic and holds a positive attitude. She always has a smile on her face and genuinely cares for her patients.

Claudia graduated from Cypress College with an associate’s degree in dental hygiene. She later pursued a Bachelor’s degree in health science at Cal State Fullerton. She is currently helping with Diabetes Research within the Latino community.

During her spare time she enjoys traveling, hiking and kickboxing.

Claudia is a big believer in educating her patients about their oral health and working with them to achieve a healthy smile that will last them forever. She believes if she educates her patients they will make better decisions and preserve their teeth for a life time.