Historically, dentistry dealt with reconstruction – fixing problems after they occurred. Today, our focus is on prevention. We work with our patients to ensure their comfort and oral health.

The team at Bristol Dental and Orthodontics believes that prevention begins at home. But we are here to help!

Step 1: Education

We spend time with each new patient providing education. Using computer visual aids, a dentist or a team member will explain home care. We’ll teach you the correct ways to brush and floss, determine the best type of toothbrush for you, discuss mouth rinses and prescription of toothpaste. In addition to home care, your plan may include visits to our office every three, four, or six months, depending on your oral health. Youngsters get even more attention, to build good habits for life.

We listen to your dental concerns. Every patient is different. Only by understanding your situation can we design an effective program of oral hygiene for you.

Cavities are caused by bacteria from the foods we eat. Bacteria produce acids, and these acids break the teeth down. Prevention decreases the amount of bacteria in the mouth, and lessens your chance of getting cavities.

Step 2: Prevention

Teeth have natural fissures and pits in the enamel. These grooves are so small that even a single toothbrush bristle cannot fit into dislodge food particles and bacteria. To further prevent cavities, we may recommend a dental sealant.


The sealant is a painless procedure, suitable for children and adults. We simply apply a thin, plastic material to the tooth surface. It flows into those tiny grooves and seals the grooves and pits, preventing food from entering the grooves. Sealing the grooves makes it easier to keep teeth clean.

It’s like holding an umbrella in the rain; the umbrella stops the rain from getting on you and your clothes, so you stay dry and clean. The sealant is the umbrella, and the food is the rain. The sealants protect your tooth from the food.


Patients who are genetically predisposed to cavities may need fluoride treatments. This safe, simple technique strengthens the natural cavity-fighting ability of teeth.

Fluoride treatment is recommended for all adults and children. Food and bacteria in the mouth produces acids that eat away the tooth structure. Fluoride helps prevent tooth loss, and the fluoride crystals replace the calcium crystals that are lost.

A tooth can be lost because of a cavity so large that it cannot be restored. A failed root canal, trauma, and gum disease are additional causes of tooth loss. Bristol Dental and Orthodontics can provide restorations such as dentures, bridges, or implants to bring back the function. But prevention through care is always preferable.

Step 3: Maintenance

Once we reach our goal of a healthy mouth and smile, it is very important to maintain it. With your help, we work together as a team to maintain the health of your mouth and teeth. By keeping your dental appointments and taking care of your teeth at home, we can guarantee that your teeth and fillings will last you for a very long time.