A trip to the dentist should help . . .

NOT hurt! Dr. Shalaby, and the entire Bristol Dental and Orthodontics team truly live by that philosophy. We’ve made patient comfort a top priority, and you’ll feel it from the moment you walk through our door.

Each aspect of our service helps to ensure a pleasant dental experience:

  • Our facility. The building is easy to find and there’s plenty of off-street parking. We’ve designed an inviting office atmosphere with spacious examination rooms.
  • Our staff. You are welcomed with warm smiles throughout your visit. Our helpful staff has a genuine desire to take the stress out of scheduling, insurance paperwork, and financing – as well as treatment. Our progressive, computerized system adds to efficiency.
  • Our technology. We’ve invested in the hi-tech equipment and techniques that mean accurate diagnosis, improved communication, superior treatment planning, and gentle care.With an intra-oral camera, we are able to make a broad-spectrum assessment of your mouth. The tiny camera painlessly gives a panoramic view. Magnified images are projected onto a computer monitor to help you understand issues and treatment options.
  • Our low-radiation digital x-ray system is safer and faster, and the images are clearer.
  • We believe that empowering patients to make educated healthcare decisions is a tremendous stress-reliever. Our educational videos are a great method to convey information and to initiate procedure discussion with the dentist.
  • Our amenities. While we have virtually removed discomfort and apprehension from your visit, we refuse to compromise on the highest level of care.Sometimes that means procedures take a bit of time. Relax in a comfortable chair and enjoy a favorite television show or new movie right in the treatment room, to help pass the time.
  • We also provide complimentary Wi-Fi. You may check your email or surf the web from our office.
  • Our gentle touch. No technological advancement can replace the simple comfort of a soft touch. We utilize soothing techniques for every step of treatment – examination, diagnosis, injection, and procedures.

The Bristol Dental & Orthodontics team takes patient comfort seriously in providing family-friendly dentistry. With compassion and sincerity, we take anxiety out of the treatment equation. That adds up to great check-ups and healthy, beautiful smiles.