At Bristol Dental and Orthodontics, your attractive smile is our specialty! Our orthodontic doctor is well qualified, with experience in hospital dentistry and teaching, and stays on the cutting edge and latest in orthodontic treatment.

We offer several orthodontic options:

  • Traditional braces. Predictable results happen quickly because of patient compliance. However, you’ll have a mouthful of bands and wires, and oral hygiene is more challenging.
  • Invisalign® is a clear, comfortable alternative. Since they can be removed, it’s easy to keep the teeth clean. But results may be a bit slower if a patient “cheats” by taking them out frequently.
  • Six-month straightening is good for minor misalignment. It focuses on the appearance of teeth you see the most, and is not recommended for bite problems.

The steps to a beautiful smile are easy, beginning with a complimentary consultation. We want to hear from you – what you don’t like about your teeth presently, and the results you desire. Then, we’ll agree on the best answer.

If that solution is braces, you will meet with our orthodontist.

Next is a complete dental examination and cleaning. We’ll make sure that your gums are healthy, and address any existing tooth problems.

Impressions are made of your upper and lower teeth. We’ll also take x-rays for a full understanding of your situation.

If we’ve agreed on traditional braces, they are designed and placed on your teeth. You’ll leave with instructions on good home care to keep your teeth and gums healthy while wearing braces. We’ll see you each month to monitor your progress and make adjustments, and clean your teeth every three months so they will be in excellent condition when the braces come off.

If you are an Invisalign® patient, we’ll send your impressions to a lab where a series of aligners (trays) are produced. You’ll be given instructions and put on a home oral hygiene program and we’ll have you come back every two weeks for new trays. During those visits, you’ll see 3D images of your mouth while we track your progress on a computer program.

You could have that beautiful smile more quickly than you thought possible.